What type of contract do I have?
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We offer an hourly rate contract, which means that the price varies from hour to hour instead of you paying the same price for each kilowatt-hour regardless of when you use it.

Your current electricity price can be found under the "electricity contract" tab in the app.

All customers have their unique electricity price as it is determined by the time of day you consume the most electricity. If you are good at controlling your electricity consumption during the cheaper hours of the day, you will have a lower electricity price than if you consume more when the electricity price is at its highest. With Greenely's electricity contract, you get an electricity price that always follows the development of the electricity exchange. We offer what is known as an hourly rate contract where you as a customer pay only the cost price for electricity and overheads for electricity trading.

The cost price includes the components that are beyond the individual spot price, which all electricity traders have.

Included in the cost price per kWh are:

  • Exchange electricity price (varies every hour)

  • Electricity certificates (at the current market price)

  • Origin guarantees at the current market price

  • Balance responsibility and imbalance costs

  • Fees to eSett, NordPool, and Svenska Kraftnät

  • Overheads for purchasing electricity

The above fees are sold at the current market price and vary every month.

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