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Changes regarding your invoice
Changes regarding your invoice
Updated over a week ago

As of June 2023, Greenely is changing its invoicing partner to PayEx.

This will mean the following changes:

  • The invoice comes from a new email address: [email protected]

  • In the subject line it will read: "E-postfaktura från Greenely"

  • Autogiro/ Direct debit recipient will be called: Greenely Premium AB/PayEx Sverige AB

  • The same Bankgiro: 5212-8402

  • You will continue to have the same customer number that you have today, you can find your customer number on your invoices.

To ensure that your e-mail invoices arrive properly, it is a good idea to make [email protected] a trusted sender so that the invoices don't end up in the spam folder. Trusted senders are people and domains that you always want to receive email from.

How to add a trusted sender:

Enter [email protected] as a contact in your smartphone or go to settings for your email inbox.

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