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I want to become a Greenely customer- where do I start?
I want to become a Greenely customer- where do I start?
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Do you want to sign up for Greenely´s electricity contract?

  • Login to the app and click on the tab with the lightning icon ⚡and follow the instructions there.

  • Or sign up through the website here.

This is Greenely's electricity price

Greenely offers electricity at cost price. The electricity prices follow the spot price from Nord Pool and they vary every hour. With Greenely's electricity contract you receive a unique spot price per kilowatt-hour based on when your electricity consumption has occurred.

The electricity price is based on Greenely's actual purchase price, where you as a customer buy electricity at a cost price that includes the cost of electricity, the exchange's electricity price (which varies every hour), electricity certificates (at the current market price), balance responsibility and imbalance costs, fees to eSett, NordPool, and Svenska Kraftnät, and overhead costs for purchasing the electricity.

You can choose to pay a monthly fee of 69 SEK or an annual fee of 588 SEK. You will not receive a refund for part of the annual fee if you choose to terminate the electricity contract early.

Our aim is to encourage you as an electricity customer to consume as little as possible.😍

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