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What is included in the app's electricity price?
What is included in the app's electricity price?
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The electricity price in the app is your unique spot price that we calculated based on your electricity consumption.

The electricity price does not include overhead costs for Greenley when we purchase


This includes, among other things, the stock exchange's electricity price (varies hourly), Electricity certificate (at current market price), Guarantees of origin marked at current market price, Balance responsibility and imbalance costs, Fees to eSett, NordPool and Svenska Kraftnät as well as overheads for the purchase of electricity that are added in addition to the spot price at cost price.

In the app, you can set yourself whether you want to include VAT or not on three different price groups:

  • Spot price

  • Cost of purchased electricity

  • Earned on electricity sold

Spot price is represented in the line graphs that show Nordpool's spot price.

Cost of purchased electricity and Earned on sold electricity are all prices and costs that are directly linked to your historical consumption or production.

You can change the settings for VAT under Settings>Electricity prices.

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