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Why are there so many different invoice lines on my invoice? What do they mean?
Why are there so many different invoice lines on my invoice? What do they mean?
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Below we go through how to interpret your invoice and the various specifications for the reported electricity cost, the information will also be on your invoice.

Electricity cost

A detailed explanation for all invoice lines follows below.

  • The spot price is the market price for electricity from the Nord Pool electricity exchange. The spot price varies every hour and the current day's spot prices are set the day before. The month has 720 hours which have their own unique spot price which is shown on the invoice as your average price for the month.

  • Electricity certificates are priced according to the basic principle of supply and demand. The electricity certificate system was introduced on 1 May 2003 with the aim of increasing electricity production from renewable energy sources in Sweden.

  • Guarantees of origin must be purchased by all electricity traders for the electricity sold to prove the origin of where the electricity was produced. In January it was only renewable energy and from 1 February we offer an energy mix of solar, wind, water and nuclear power.

  • Balance fees (Balance responsibility, Imbalance costs, Svenska kraftnät, eSett & Nord Pool) Balance responsibility is a fee we pay to our balance manager to ensure that all Greenely customers have electricity available around the clock. Imbalance costs are a cost that arises from the difference between our electricity forecasts and the customers' actual electricity consumption, which includes fees from Svenska Kraftnät and eSett. Finally, a fee to Nord Pool to be able to buy and sell electricity is also included.

  • Overhead costs for the purchase of electricity are administrative fees directly related to the purchase, operation and management of the electricity business, including system costs.

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