Terminate your electricity contract with Greenely

Termination of electricity contract

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To cancel your electricity contract, you need to sign an electricity contract with another supplier. The switch from Greenely then takes place automatically after 14 days, which is your notice period or the date you specified to your new electricity supplier.

We cannot terminate the electricity contract unless we receive a request from another company to take you over as a customer. This is due to the law on delivery obligations that we have against you.


If you are moving, you need to contact your network company to cancel the network contract with them. They will then at the same time notify us that the electricity contract must be terminated. We cannot cancel an electricity contract without being notified of this from the network company, this is due to the delivery obligation we have towards you as a customer.

Use right of withdrawal

Have you signed up to Greenely's hourly rate agreement but regretted it?

No problem, you have 14 days right of withdrawal, to use the right of withdrawal contact our support.

How to contact us πŸ‘‡

πŸ“§ Email: [email protected]

πŸ’¬ Chat: You can find our chat on the website, if you are an electricity customer you can chat with us directly through the Greenely app.

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