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Get started with Greenely! πŸ’š
How do I get started with the app? πŸ“±
How do I get started with the app? πŸ“±
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Start by downloading the app on your phone, iPhone or Android.

  • Create your account (remember to enter an email address that you have access to).

  • Create your housing profile and fill in the details for the housing you want to see information about. (You will be able to add more homes later if desired)

  • Choose whether you want to sign an electricity contract with us and then pay a monthly fee of SEK 69/month or an annual fee of SEK 588/year. If you do not want to sign an electricity contract with us, choose instead "Download data - Free".

  • Fill in your residential details, here it is important that you fill in the social security number of the person on the network agreement, and the address specifically for the residence you want to see because it is otherwise linked to your civil registration address.

  • Confirm all information and then sign with Bank ID.

What happens now?

Now a request has been sent to your network company, where we have requested access to your hourly data. The network company has 90 days to respond to this request and start sending us the data, but many network companies process the request faster than that.

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