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How does smart charging work? What are the rules for smart charging to "start".
How does smart charging work? What are the rules for smart charging to "start".
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The way smart charging works, the system must first be able to set up a "charging schedule". It does so immediately when you put the car in. It can take up to 20 minutes. In order for the car to then pause, certain requirements must be met for smart charging to start. Some examples of these requirements are:

  • We know how much time is needed to charge the car. Then it is required, among other things, that we get the battery level and charging speed from the car.

  • If there is too little time left to charge before the car is fully charged, the smart charging will not start. This is because it is better for battery health to have an ongoing charge instead of pausing and starting "unnecessarily".

  • The battery level is above the safety limit. You can set this safety limit yourself inside the car in the app, but we recommend 20%, which is also our standard setting. If your battery is below this limit, charging will start regardless of what the price is at the moment.

  • There is a savings potential of more than 2% and the car has time to be fully charged before the desired time.

The most important thing is that when you connect the car, it should say in our app that we are "Planning charging". If the car does not pause after that, it is because one of the requirements for the smart charge has not been met. In case of problems, it is good to note what the status is when the problem occurs. We are also happy to receive pictures of how it looks for the car in the app when the smart charging does not work as intended. This makes it easier for us to troubleshoot the problem.

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