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When you produce your own solar energy it can be difficult to get a full overview of your electricity production and electricity consumption. Possibly you use the electricity you produce in your own household at the same time as you buy electricity from the grid and also sell your excess electricity back to the grid.

Connect your inverter in the app and get a full overview of your production and how much you sell onto the grid. Then you can follow your actual consumption from the electricity grid as well as your self-produced electricity together with your production history.

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What is an inverter?

The inverter has two main tasks. Firstly, it converts direct current into alternating current, allowing you to use the solar power generated in your household or sell it to the grid since all your home appliances operate on alternating current.

The second task of the inverter is to maximize the electricity output from your solar installation and ensure the quality of the electricity remains high.

Which inverter is compatible with the Greenely app?

Currently, the Greenely app is compatible with inverters from:

  • SolarEdge

  • Huawei

  • Growatt

  • Solis

  • Fronius

  • SolarEdge

  • Sungrow

  • GoodWe

  • SMA

  • Enphase

  • Tesla

  • CSISolar

  • Deye

  • EMA

  • Hoymiles

  • INVT

  • Sofar

  • Solax

  • TSUN

Connect your inverter to the Greenely app

  1. Press the +Add Device button.

  2. Locate and click on your inverter.

  3. Follow the steps and log in with your inverter credentials.

What is the difference between adding the inverter vs. the production meter?

With an integrated inverter, you authorize Greenely to fetch data directly from the inverter, not solely from your electricity meter. This allows Greenely to provide a more comprehensive view of your production and consumption, both in real-time and historically.

  • Adding the inverter enables Greenely to access data directly from the inverter, allowing you to track your actual electricity consumption from the grid, along with your self-produced electricity, along your production history in the Greenely app.

  • If you have added your production meter (sometimes referred to as a production facility) in the app, Greenely can only retrieve the amount of electricity you sell to the grid. This is displayed in the app along with your consumption from the grid.

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