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How do I sign an electricity contract with Greenely? πŸ“„
How do I sign an electricity contract with Greenely? πŸ“„
Updated over a week ago

You can sign an electricity contract via the app or via our website.

When you sign the agreement, it is important that you enter the address you want the agreement at and enter the facility address. You can find the facility address on your network agreement and it may differ from your postal address. Also make sure that the person who signs the agreement with us is the same person who appears on the network agreement.

You can then choose whether you want to pay the monthly fee of SEK 69 a month or the annual fee of SEK 49 a month. The annual fee is paid in a lump sum of SEK 588 once a year, and cannot be refunded if you choose to end the agreement with us before the full year has passed.

Why can't I enter the start date or facility ID?

We take care of everything for you! 😎

When you sign the agreement with us, you apply for a change of supplier. The way that process works is that a request is sent to your network company, which confirms to us whether you have a network contract or not, and then gives us your facility ID at the same time. The request will then be forwarded to your current electricity company, which will reply to us with the date we can take you over as a customer. This process can take a few days to a few weeks, and depends entirely on how busy your network and electricity company are.

We can set a manual start date on your contract, but it is then important that you yourself check what binding periods and notice periods you have on your current contract and provide us with an exact date.

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