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Why has Greenely introduced nuclear power into the energy mix?
Why has Greenely introduced nuclear power into the energy mix?
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The electricity you consume and that comes out of your electrical socket can come from different energy sources.We will continue to purchase guarantees of origin from a mix of renewable energy types from production sources such as water, wind and solar. However, we will now also buy in guarantees of origin from nuclear power. Guarantees of origin are a tool that creates incentives for electricity producers to develop more renewable energy production, as it is usually more costly. Historically, the price of guarantees of origin for nuclear power is lower than other sources such as wind and hydro. Therefore, the electricity price will probably be lower for you and our other customers.

For every kWh produced in Sweden, guarantees of origin are created. These are then sold on an open market (there are also bilateral agreements). The demand for guarantees of origin determines the price. Renewable energy sources have greater demand, which means that prices are higher for these guarantees of origin. As an electricity supplier, we match the consumption from our customers and then buy in the same amount of guarantees of origin.

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