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How does smart electric car charging work?
How does smart electric car charging work?

Save money and reduce the load on the electricity grid with Greenely's Smart charging function!

Updated over a week ago

Greenely has developed smart technology that means that the charging of your electric car is carried out during the cheapest hours of the day - completely automatically via our app combined with the electricity contract. This means that you can save up to 50% of the electricity costs on your electric car charging.

With the help of our function, you can connect your electric car to take advantage of the fact that every hour of the day has different electricity prices and then automatically charge your electric car when the electricity is cheapest. This works so that when you plug in the car for the first time, Greenely charges it for a couple of minutes to calibrate the charging speed. Through this, the function learns how much time is needed to reach the desired battery level. Based on this, a scheduling of the charge is created based on the cheapest electricity hours before you want the charge to be completed.

With the help of this control, we are helped together to also reduce the load on the electricity grid when the electricity demand is greatest, which reduces the use of "peak energy", which often means energy from coal and gas power plants. In this way, you do not charge your electric car with energy from these sources but, to the greatest extent possible, with renewable and fossil-free energy directly from the grid.

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